Satan’s Strategy


By Jim Porto

Raised as a Southern Baptist, I know all about Satan. Given that over half of the US population believes in angels, its no wonder that so many believe in the existence of the devil. When preachers accuse others of doing the bidding of Satan, it makes you wonder, if Satan were so smart, which most believe, then why would he be so obvious? Wouldn’t Satan come to earth in order to do the most mischief possible and couldn’t he accomplish this by claiming to be other than what he really is?

Its clear to me that if Satan were to come to earth, he would come as an extremely “religious” person to disguise his true nature. He would preach hate, intolerance, hellfire and damnation, and justifiable killing instead of love and tolerance. He would sound like a fundamentalist Christian evangelist, a militant Muslim cleric, or an extreme orthodox Jewish Rabbi.

To many, Satan has come to earth and given the number of true believers who accept hate, intolerance, hellfire and damnation in their religious lives, his strategy is working.

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